Harry E. Sloan

Harry E. Sloan is a successful international media investor, entrepreneur and studio executive. Sloan's entrepreneurial spirit has been a guiding force throughout his career, leading him to identify key investment opportunities with significant returns for his partners. Over the past five years, Sloan has raised more than $1 billion in the public markets to invest into the entertainment industry to create new businesses. Over the course of his formidable career, Sloan was also responsible for the creation or sponsorship of four successful public companies, including New World Entertainment, SBS Broadcasting, Lionsgate Films and Global Eagle Entertainment.

Today, Mr. Sloan is a partner with Jeff Sagansky, a former President of CBS Entertainment and a one-time co-president of Sony Pictures Television, successfully creating special acquisition vehicles to invest in global industries which are transitioning in the digital era.

Sloan co-founded, together with Sagansky, Global Eagle Acquisition, which completed its business combination with Row 44 and AIA in January 2013. Global Eagle Entertainment currently is a NASDAQ-listed worldwide provider of media content, connectivity systems and operational data solutions to the travel industry. He also co-founded, together with Sagansky, Silver Eagle Acquisition, which raised $325 million and was invested in April 2015 in Videocon d2h in exchange for equity shares. Videocon d2h is a NASDAQ-listed leading direct-to-home pay-TV service provider in India. Sloan is a director of Global Eagle Entertainment and Videocon d2h.

In September of 2015, Sloan became a major founding investor of Double Eagle Acquisition Corp., a new investment vehicle, also with Jeff Sagansky, which raised over $500 million and is expected to invest in a multi-billion vehicle in 2016-2017.

Prior to launching Global Eagle Acquisition as it Chairman and CEO, Sloan was named the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MGM in 2005, one year after a $5 billion private equity buyout of the studio. During Sloan's tenure, he led MGM to revive the James Bond, Rocky and Pink Panther franchises and created a partnership with Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema to produce three Hobbit movies. Sloan also rebuilt MGM's theatrical, television distribution and marketing units. He launched numerous MGM basic television channels in the US and internationally, including MGM UK, India, Italy, Poland, and in Eastern Europe. Sloan also led the MGM effort to successfully launch the Viacom-Lionsgate joint venture, US Pay TV channel EPIX IN 2009.

Under Sloan's four-year watch, MGM generated approximately $500M/year of library cash flow and was able to service the $3.7 billion of acquisition debt without tapping into its corporate revolver. Sloan stepped down from his position as CEO in August 2009 and, remaining as Chairman, recruited a new team to restructure the debt on behalf of MGM's lenders. In December of 2010, MGM confirmed its plan of reorganization creating a new and financially healthy MGM. Sloan officially left the studio in 2011 to launch Global Eagle Acquisition with Sagansky.

One of his biggest career achievements was Sloan's founding of SBS Broadcasting in 1990 with a personal investment of $5 million. Over the next decade, he built SBS into the second largest broadcaster in Europe, with 16 television stations, 21 premium pay channels and 11 radio networks, reaching 100 million people in nine countries. He led the company's initial public offering in 1993 and sold SBS (Nasdaq: SBTV) for $2.6 billion in October 2005 to Permira and KKR. In 2007, SBS consolidated its operations into Prosieben Sat.1 Media AG, Germany's largest television broadcasting group, creating a European media powerhouse. Sloan served on the Prosieben Sat. 1 Board of Directors until 2009.

Sloan was also one of the founding shareholders of Lionsgate Films in 1999 and served as Chairman of Lionsgate's Board from 2004-2005.

Prior to founding SBS, Sloan served as Chairman of New World Entertainment Ltd., which he purchased for $2 million in 1983. Over the next three years, Sloan expanded the independent movie production company into television production and distribution as New World became the third largest producer of U.S. primetime television. He led New World's initial public offering in 1985, acquired Marvel Entertainment Group in 1986, and sold the business in 1989 to Ronald Perelman for $270 million. From 1976 to 1983, Sloan was a practicing entertainment lawyer with Sloan, Kuppin and Ament, a law firm which he founded in Los Angeles. Sloan received his B.A. degree from UCLA in 1973 and J.D. Degree from Loyola Law School in 1976.

Throughout his career, Sloan has served as a member of the board for a number of entertainment companies, lending his expertise and knowledge to these business enterprises. In January 2011, Sloan was appointed to serve on the board of Promotora de Informaciones, S.A. or PRISA, Spain's largest media conglomerate, after its 2010 business combination with Liberty Acquisition Corp. He is also a director of ZeniMax Media Inc., a producer of interactive gaming and web content, since 1999 as well as a board member on Prosieben and Lionsgate.

In 1987, Sloan was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the President's Advisory Council on Trade and Policy Negotiations (ACTPN). He currently serves on the UCLA Anderson School of Management Board of Visitors and the Executive Board of UCLA Theatre, Film and Television.